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C A S E   H I S T O R Y

Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington, D.C.

Indiana Limestone

THE CHALLENGE: The two buildings of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (consisting of approximately 700,000 square feet combined) were undergoing major restoration. Power washers were estimating approximately 360 days for the cleaning process alone. Permanent scaffolding would be required throughout the power wash cleaning process, which created a significant security concern for the Department of the Treasury. Due to security concerns, Treasury personnel were required to supervise every moment of the project.

THE METRO CLEAN SOLUTION: Metro Clean Systems utilized its innovative equipment and processes to provide a flexible, fast and efficient cleaning option. Metro Clean's techniques did NOT require any scaffolding or swing stage, thus eliminating the Treasury's security concerns regarding permanently affixed structures. Supervision was only required during actual work time, thereby lowering the Treasury's security costs. Additionally, Metro Clean's techniques were implemented during "off-hour" overnight shifts, eliminating inconvenience to both employees and guests. The entire project was completed pursuant to Metro Clean's 21-day cleaning schedule.

THE RESULT: The cleaning of the project was done with such precision, effectiveness and efficiency that other restoration crews (such as pointers and caulkers) were able to start their work 24 hours after Metro Clean's first-day efforts. The general contractor was awarded a Federal Government Value Engineering award based upon time and cost savings provided to the U.S. Government.
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