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Damaging Effects of Powerwashing / Steam Cleaning

  • Prematurely degrades the surfaces by blasting and pitting the substrate.
  • Will not stop the life cycle of mildew, molds, (organic growth) on buildings.
  • Power washing actually promotes faster and stronger growth of organic material, by taking the top layer of growth off, and firing the underneath layer of growth back into the substrate.
  • Mildew on a building is created by spores in the air landing and attaching on the exterior substrate and feeding on the nutrients of dust, dirt, and pollutants. Power washing makes the substrate more pitted and therefore prone to dirt and organic growth.
  • Power washing is a slow process that is disruptive and noisy.
  • Damages caulks and sealants, which can cost expensive repairs.
  • Susceptible to water infiltration into the building envelope.
  • Requires costly scaffolding / swing stage.
  • Uneven results.