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Why does the EIFS / Stucco finish need to be cleaned?
When stains start to develop on EIFS / Dryvit they can tend to get baked in the acrylics the longer the stain has to set. It is crucial to get on a maintenance program of cleaning to fend off a repainting situation, and retain the original texture and finish on the building now.

Why don’t we want to repaint?
Repainting the Dryvit will start a cycle of recoating.

Repainting fills in the texture of the Dryvit surface, (the existing texture is what makes the Dryvit look so attractive, and pleasing to the eye). You risk the possibility of cut in and roller lines in the Dryvit. These blotchy shadow lines cannot be fixed once they are in the finish (because you have changed the texture).

Why not power wash?
Power washing erodes the EIFS finish, forcing a recoating situation (Metro Clean Systems has independent case studies). It requires scaffolding or swing staging. It takes the top layer of growth and pollutants off and fires the root structure back into the substrate – thus the organic growth comes back faster and stronger after pressure washing.

Why is the Metro Clean System a perfect fit for EIFS / Stucco finishes?
It preserves the buildings EIFS/ Dryvit. You break recoating cycles. Minimum tenant disruption. Less expensive than power washing, and repainting. Results similar to repainting, without changing texture. Does not damage existing sealant joints. A visual inspection or review of the building is performed while the cleaning is being done for potential problems.