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Metro Clean Systems Photo Gallery -- Historic
Bailey Magnet High School
Originally known as Bailey Junior High School, now Bailey APAC Middle School, is currently a middle school in Jackson, Mississippi. The mascot of Bailey Magnet Middle School is the Mighty Knights.

Built in 1938, Bailey Magnet's art-deco building has been marveled as an architectural wonder. It was recently voted as a top architectural site by the state chapter of the American Institute of Architects. According to theWashington Post, its Architect, A. Hays Town, while employed at N.W. Overstreet designed the building & it was rumored to have made the cover of a 1938 Life magazine for the school's forward look and his revolutionary technique of formed-in-place concrete, but there was an article written about it in Life. It article mentioned the marvel lying "in the details" which include "carved stone reliefs of Andrew Jackson, the namesake of the city ofJackson with his troops and Chief Pushmataha with his braves, allies in the Indian wars," at the front footsteps of the building. The halls are terrazzoed and the great auditorium has "ornate columns and a stylized horse-and-rider sculpture."

Weld County Courthouse