About Us

We have been in the exterior cleaning business for over thirteen years. We are the innovators of The Low Pressure Solution. Our cleaning process is vastly different from any other in the industry. METRO CLEAN SYSTEMS uses specially designed equipment and customized cleaning solutions formulated to safely and effectively remove all foreign matter from the building’s exterior surface.

Unique to our cleaning process is the use of a high volume, low pressure, water based system that covers large areas, quickly and efficiently, without any surface damage. This high volume, low pressure technology allows METRO CLEAN SYSTEMS to effectively clean the building without having to be within the industry standard 2 to 4 inches of the building’s surface. This eliminates the need for scaffolding or swing stages while the work is being performed.

The METRO CLEAN SYSTEMS philosophy is to provide owners, project managers, architects and restoration contractors with a proven low pressure, customized cleaning service that will give outstanding results; it is safe and biodegradable. Our commitment is to excellence and customer satisfaction. We believe we offer the best, most cost-effective building cleaning process in the industry.