First Impressions Are Lasting Ones

Metro Clean Systems, Inc. is more than the most successful low-pressure exterior building cleaning company in the nation: it is also the company that has brought science and technology to exterior cleaning all over the eastern seaboard.While others use standard high power water blasting techniques to clean building exteriors, Metro Clean Systems offers you its effective Low-Pressure Solution for your exterior building cleaning.A clean building attracts customers, tenant, clients and employees.

Protect Your Building’s Surface

Unlike traditional power washers that actually harm the surface of your building, Metro Clean System’s unique Low-Pressure Solutions preserves the life of your building’s exterior. Metro Clean’s Low-Pressure System gently lifts the dirt away from the surface, saving you costly maintenance created by powerful water blasting techniques. Additionally, Metro Clean’s Low-Pressure Solution will not harm your existing caulking or sealants.

Fast & Efficient

Metro Clean Systems can clean a building exterior faster than any other cleaning company. For example, when Metro Clean was hired by the United States government to clean the Pentagon, the next best bid was to clean the building in 180 days. Metro Clean cleaned it in less than three weeks.

It’s Environmentally Safe

The specially formulated solution used by Metro Clean Systems is environmentally friendly and can be effectively and safely used on all building locations. It is so safe that no reclamation process is required. In fact, Metro Clean’s solution has been approved for use on a number of prominent buildings, including the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the National Concrete and Masonry Association Building, among others.

It’s Good for Your Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: there is a financial benefit to having Metro Clean Systems, Inc. clean your building. That financial benefit comes to you in two forms. You save dollars by protecting and extending the life of your building’s exterior by using the Low-Pressure Solutuion, and increased tenant satisfaction and moral improve sales.

Protect And Preserve The Future Of Your Investment