Farm Credit Building

McLean, VA

Surface Material: Indiana Limestone

The Challenge

The owners of the Farm Credit Building had spent eleven months, hired three different cleaning companies and spent in excess of $500,000 unsuccessfully attempting to clean the exterior of their unique building. The badly stained exterior had not come clean in the previous attempts using other cleaning companies; making the job tougher was the soft Indiana limestone exterior that precluded any sort of abrasive cleaning methodology.

The Metro Clean Solution

Metro Clean was hired to solve the problem in November of 1995. Three days after Metro Clean had been selected, the building was cleaned exactly to the owners’ specifications and at a fraction of the cost of the previously unsuccessful efforts. The building’s owners were amazed: not only with the fact that the building was successfully cleaned but with the time it took to complete the job. After spending nearly a year attempting to clean the exterior, Metro Clean Systems, Inc. cleaned the estimated 145,000 square feet of building exterior in just a few days. No scaffolding was used to complete the task.

The Results

Management of the building was so pleased with the result that they achieved through Metro Clean that they retained the company to complete bi-annual maintenance cleanings on the building. “Metro Clean has restored the building to its original appearance… something which you promised but I did not think was possible,” said Timothy J. Fletcher of the FCS Building Association, owner of the Farm Credit Building.