Imperial Palace


Surface Material: EIFS

The Challenge

The Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino is the tallest building in the state of Mississippi.  The building is clad with EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems). During Hurricane Katrina the building and barge were damaged.   The EIFS suffered lacerations, holes and penetrations through the foam, mesh and base coat, exposing the building envelope to potential water intrusion and further damage.

The Solution

KHS&S Contractors (the largest subcontractor in the United States) was called in to assess the damage and come up with a winning game plan to restore the EIFS to better than new condition.  Pursuant to the Dryvit C.A.R.E Program, a systematic approach was taken to ensure the project was done to a proper specification.  This would ensure a renewed system warranty that could be issued upon completion. Consulting with Dryvit Systems technical representatives, the distributor and KHS&S’s people, a plan was set into motion for a renewed “Outsulation” System.  The new lamina would look and perform like new again.

The costs involved in restoring the building were formidable.   Just one of the major expenses involved was the access equipment. This included the installation of multiple Mast Climbers, Swing Staging and Scaffolding. There were thousands of man hours involved in the plastering along with the cost of materials.

Cleaning the existing surfaces became an essential part of the projects success. This phase of the project was a crucial first component to achieving proper adhesion of base coats, mesh and finishes that were to be applied.

Researching the best possible methods and finding experienced competent people led KHS&S to Metro Clean Systems.  Utilizing Metro Clean Systems made sure that all products applied bonded properly to the existing finish.   Proper cleaning ensured the success of all subsequent elements of the job.    After the cleaning was performed Primus base coat, mesh and foam repairs were completed.  Dryvit Systems Freestyle finish and then a final coat of Sandpebble finish was troweled on.  Next, sealant contractors were called in to install new sealant joints. As a result of following the Dryvit C.A.R.E program a warranty was then issued from Dryvit Systems.

The Results

A renewed EIFS System that looks and performs like new again.  A new Dryvit Systems manufactures written warranty.  Approaching this job by identifying the appropriate elements, locating the best people for the job and following through with a step by step plan resulted in a  win – win situation for all those involved.  The building owners were the ultimate winners, it just goes to show that the house always wins!